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The basis for our approach is simple: we create stronger communities, where children and their families build the foundational learning and literacy skills they need to create beneficial and lasting change in their lives.


We do this through FOUR PILLARS of work.

1 - Free Educational Program Delivery in Calgary

FESA collaborates with over 35 community agencies to offer learner-centered adult foundational learning, family literacy, and parenting programming designed specifically for those with the lowest levels of literacy skills.

2 - Training and Skill Building for Community Workers

We provide Train the Facilitator workshops nationally, building community capacity to address gaps in essential skills, literacy, and parenting skills. FESA offers several models of facilitator training for individuals working in a wide range of community and/or workplace settings, and we are well versed in offering facilitator trainings to remote and isolated communities. Our training modules are based on the specific adult foundational learning and literacy needs of community organizations who are working with low-literate learners including new Canadians, Indigenous communities, vulnerable families, single fathers/mothers, francophone communities, diverse workplaces, and the domestic violence sector.

3 - Partnership Building and Community Development

Nationally, provincially, and locally we work to facilitate strong, sustainable partnerships with agencies who serve low-literate populations – bringing our programs, trainings, and resources to them. Common partnerships include: cultural groups, family literacy organizations, social service agencies, emergency shelters, and school boards. We work collaboratively with a cross-sector of community to bring a voice to the concerns and needs of foundational learners and vulnerable families across Canada.

4 - Research and Curriculum Development

Our research has led us to develop foundational learning programs and curricula that target the specific needs of learners and communities. Extensive research into learning gaps and needs has led to the design of curricula specific to Indigenous learners, new Canadians, francophone learners, families who have experienced domestic violence, and for workplace settings. These curricula are used in both our Calgary programs and Train the Facilitator programs, and are available as resources to other community agencies. See our Store to purchase available curricula.