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Agency and Partnership Information

Our Calgary Programs partner with over 35 community agencies to deliver adult foundational learning, family literacy, and parenting programs to more than 700 Calgary families each year.

Our facilitators deliver welcoming educational programs at locations where learners already live or access services.


Programs are always free, adaptable, and customizable.

We have developed our programs to specifically address the needs of foundational learners and learners with low literacy. Our programs take a less structured, competency-based approach which provides learners with a more comfortable and relaxed setting.


Learners participate in one or more of our program models. This depends on the ages and stages of their children and their own particular literacy and parenting needs. All program models are designed to help parents build their own and their children’s literacy.

Partner Agencies

  • Choose the program options that best meets the needs of their clients, including:

    • Literacy and Parenting Skills (LAPS)

    • Indigenous Literacy and Parenting Skills (I-LAPS)

    • ESL Literacy and Parenting Skills (ESL-LAPS)

    • Reading and Writing Circles 

    • Books for Babies/Jump Start 

    • Parent-Child Mother Goose 

    • Workplace Learning Circles 

    • Indigenous Workplace Learning Circles

    • Parenting After Violence (PAV)

    • Indigenous Parenting After Violence (I-PAV)

    • First Steps in Financial Literacy


  • Receive free adult foundational learning, family literacy and parenting programs delivered on-site by a highly skilled FESA facilitator


  • Register clients and assist with in-kind contributions such as childcare, consumables, or children’s books

Learn more about our Programs or see our Partners .

Together we can ensure everyone reaches their full potential.

Become a Partner

You can contact our Education Manager directly:

Shradha Rupakheti


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