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Trainings and Workshops

FESA provides Train the Facilitator workshops locally and nationally to build community and organizational capacity to address client gaps in foundational learning skills, literacy, and parenting skills.

We offer several models of facilitator training for those working with new Canadians, Indigenous communities, vulnerable families, single mothers and fathers, Francophone communities, and the domestic violence sector — to name a few.

What we offer

Trainings are always community and learner-centered. A needs assessment or interview is conducted with the host organization and/or potential facilitators to determine training needs and skill gaps.


Trainings are based on our Literacy and Parenting Skills (LAPS) strengthened-based philosophy following an experiential delivery method, but training can be augmented with other FESA programs to ensure that participants have these skills to work with their population of learners. These programs can include First Steps in Financial Literacy, Workplace and Essential Skills, among many others.


We offer trainings across the country and can create customized training for your organization or community. 

Who should take training?

Anyone who is looking to implement adult foundational learning, literacy, or parenting programming into their agencies services.


Literacy practitioners, instructors, facilitators, volunteer tutors, and community workers who work with foundational learners.


Training can be utilized by those working with low-literate learners in a variety of workplace environments. These include schools, family resource centres, community centres, preschools, outreach and intervention programs, drop-in centres, clients' homes, and churches.

How does training work?

Train the Facilitator workshops range from 1 to 3 days in length. Participants can become certified facilitators in delivering one or more of our program models. 


Participants receive a fully developed program manual with handouts, adaptable lesson plans, and other tools that will assist them in the delivery of programming. Topic areas covered include facilitation strategies, assessing community needs, literacy instructional techniques, cross-cultural facilitation strategies, and parent education.


Participants will leave with the skills necessary for leading literacy and parenting sessions through their own agencies and communities.

How will my clients benefit?

Participants will learn interactive techniques and activities that can be used with clients as well as parent-child interactive activities for clients to take home to their children.


Clients benefit from tailor-made programs that more effectively address their specific learning needs while building foundational learning, literacy, and parenting skills.


Since training topics are structured around literacy and essential skills, and activities are designed for low-literate learners, our programs are suitable for adults and children from many socio-economic backgrounds, including those in remote and isolated communities.

Can't make it?

Leave your name, email, and which training(s) you're interested in using the form and we'll add you to our list to be notified about future trainings.


You can also contact us directly:

Shradha Rupakheti


Thanks! We'll get back to you soon.

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