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Going the Distance

Tradition and Culture Meets Hospitality and Tourism

This unique and innovative project addresses the under-representation of Indigenous populations in the labor force by supporting businesses in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The Going the Distance (GD) project helps develop a better understanding of workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) needs and then design solutions to address these needs. Due to challenging economic times for some sectors and the need for diversification in the economy, we have decided to target Tourism and Hospitality as a group that will likely be more responsive and provides an important area for future growth.

I used to be nervous talking to 10-15 people that I know. People now say I talk a lot and I confidently give tours to 50-60 people.

— Participant, GD Project

Project Objectives

By May 14, 2022, the Further Education Society, with the support of local communities, will:

  • engage employers, partners, and stakeholders to develop, test, and evaluate a practical and customized training model that is transferable, replicable, and adaptable to regions across Canada

  • aid communities in obtaining the necessary skills to develop a localized response to the LES needs of Indigenous populations in the workplace

Building Communities

Indigenous organizations, members, and Elders, in each region, drive the project to meet the unique local needs and ensure the design, development, and delivery models reflect the realities and traditions of the community.

Working with locals from the 'inside-out' enables us to learn from the community while simultaneously building capacity to deliver LES training after the project has ended.

An important feature of this project is the development of mentorship opportunities. I know from experience the profound impact this can have in all aspects of one's life.

— Ted Norris, Vice Chair of the GD National Advisory Circle

Need more information?

Contact our Project Manager directly:

Teal Dratowany


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