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2 FESA Learner Stories

Wenyuan and Grace Learner Story

Since our programs are now being held online, we don’t get to interact with our program participants like we used to. Thankfully, they have been sending us messages to show their appreciation. Last week, Wenyuan wrote to us to thank us for our program.

Thank you for providing this marvellous program for toddlers. My child, Grace, is almost 18 months. [In] the last two months she has learnt a lot of nursery rhymes and mimic teacher Beibei’s dancing gesture. By the last lesson, she has picked a few words, such as head, knees, toes, eyes, and nose. I learned a lot as well. Teacher Beibei always tells parents the background and strength of the author of today’s story telling book. From her guide and recommendation, I even borrowed a few books from public library.

Thank you and Beibei again for offering the amazing program. Meanwhile, thank you for not only providing toddlers’ program, and giving parents more life and career development training information. Grace and I would like to check if there is a similar program for her to continue virtual learning.

I feel so grateful to know you and the program. And I wish I would continue to receive your emails.

All the best wishes to you.

Wenyuan Wang

Isn’t that heartwarming? It fills our day with joy to hear how our learners respond to our programs.

We are very glad to host these programs for people like Wenyuan and Grace. A big thank you Wenyuan and Grace for letting us share their message. To answer Wenyuan’s question, we are providing lots of online programs right now; if anyone is interested in joining one, they can contact for more information.


Lydia and Adalwin Learner Story

Lydia and her son Adalwin joined the Further Education Society of Alberta’s online Parent Child Mother Goose program hosted alongside the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre in September 2020 when Adalwin was 2.5 years old.

Adalwin immediately liked the first sessions very much so Lydia asked Beibei, the program facilitator, for other programs for her son. Beibei referred Lydia to the Parent Child Mother Goose program FESA hosts in partnership with Immigrant Services Calgary. Ever since, Adalwin has been attending the sessions twice a week.

Last week, Lydia sent us a picture of Adalwin attending one of the online sessions and a video of him enjoying the sing-along with Beibei that got him moving about.


We love hearing about our learner's progress and the ability to share it with others. Thank you for allowing us to share your story, Wenyuan, Grace, Lydia, and Adalwin!



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