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Jeongeun (Joanna) Shim - 2019 Celebration of Learning Award (Learner)

Jeongeun (Joanna) Shim is a dedicated and inspiring learner. She was a longtime participant in our Parent Child Mother Goose/Literacy and Parenting Skills (PCMG/LAPS) program facilitated by Beibei Lu. Joanna is one of Beibei’s most committed learner and Beibei has witnessed Joanna’s ability to conquer her challenges and struggles, including her efforts in balancing her career goal with her duties of parenting two young children. It is Joanna’s courage, perseverance and positive energy that inspires Beibei and everyone who interacts with her.

As Beibei tells us, “[Joanna] is a believer and a practitioner of the literacy and parenting skills learned from my program and is able to incorporate those skills into her family routines with her children.” Joanna’s commitment and full embracing of the skills she has learned is truly exemplary of the spirit of lifelong learning.

Joanna's Learner Story, written by Beibei Lu

Joanna has been taking the PCMG/LAPS program at the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre since October 2016. She came with her daughter, Amy, who was 6 months old and is now 3 years old. Joanna’s son, Dave, joined the same program when he was 9 months old and is now 14 months old. Joanna’s husband, David, would sometimes participate in the program together with Joanna and their children when he was available. The couple showed great passion in learning nursery songs and rhymes. According to Joanna, she has observed both of her children’s improved social development demonstrated by their friendly interaction with other children and adults in a supportive group environment created by this program.

I was impressed by Amy with her active helping in tidying up the classroom and caring for other younger children. Moreover, Joanna and her husband have created their family routines in singing the songs and rhymes learned from the program. As a result, Amy is advanced in language and literacy development. Amy is very interested in reading and singing. She’s able to recognize the alphabets and is competent in counting numbers.

Joanna is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing program at Mount Royal University. Due to her schooling, she is unable to attend further PCMG/LAPS sessions. She and her lovely children, Amy and Dave, will be sincerely missed. Wish her and her family all the best!

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