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Our Interview with Donna Rapp

Leading up to our “Pie in the FESA” Fundraiser, we’ll be publishing a series of interviews that we’ve done with our participating Board Members. You’ll have a chance to get to know them a bit more and learn about their favourite pies, what they’re most looking forward to about the pie event and much more!

Our second interview is with Donna Rapp, who is President on the FESA Board, and a participant in this year’s fundraiser.

FESA: What is your favourite pie?

DONNA: Apple pie was my dad’s favourite so it holds a special place for me. But my number one favourite, without a doubt, is Key Lime Pie. The best one I’ve ever eaten was at Sobo in Tofino, Vancouver Island.

F: Have you been pied before and how do you feel about potentially being pied?

D: No. Which surprises me because I’m fearless and always up for new experiences and challenges. I organized a Pie-Eating Contest once, but never participated in a Pie Throwing event. I will approach getting pied philosophically. It’s less shocking than an Ice Bucket challenge, less permanent than a Head Shaving, and less strenuous than a Marathon. And it’s a pie. Yum.

F: Are you excited about the fundraiser? If yes, why?

D: Absolutely. I loved the idea the minute I heard it. It’s clever, unique, fun and engaging. The fact that the entire Board is rallying behind it is a testament to their good natures and unwavering commitment to FESA. My belief is that this is the right fundraiser during a very challenging time. It’s lighthearted, silly, and memorable, but raising support for family literacy and learning which during this pandemic crisis is more important and urgent than ever.

F: Can you share any pie related stories?

D: I’m a terrible cook. Years ago I agreed to bring the pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving dinner at friends. It was a joint effort with my boyfriend who was equally unskilled in the kitchen. We used a precooked crust, but I was convinced pumpkin pie filling didn’t need to be baked…that it would harden on its own. No word of a lie! When I realized my error, we were super late for dinner, so I slid the sloshy pie into a 500+ degree oven desperate for it to cook. That did nothing except create a thick film on the top and super heat the pie plate. While I drove the car, my guy carefully balanced the scalding hot, uncooked pumpkin pie, on my tennis racket. Needless to say the dinner guests had a huge laugh, and an inedible dessert. No one ever has forgotten that Thanksgiving. All true. I can’t make this stuff up.

F: Who are you hoping for to throw the pie at you?

D: Elizabeth Ojei, FESA’s fabulous Executive Assistant. She’s so kind, considerate, earnest, and respectful that for her to throw a pie at the face of her Board President is bound to be more agonizing for her than me.

F: If you were a pie, how would you describe yourself?

D: Filled with delight! (Any other description sounds very un-PG such as hot, tasty, delicious or tempting…)

F: Lightning pie round (first thing to pop into your heard): Hot or cold?

D: Hot.

F: Cheese, ice cream, or plain?

D: Ice Cream.

F: Fork or spoon?

D: Fork.

F: Cream or fruit?

D: Fruit.

F: Crust cover or no crust cover?

D: Crust (especially if it's homemade.)

F: What is your favourite FESA program?

D: I’ve had the privilege of attending several Parent Child Mother Goose programs, and they are really heartwarming and impactful, so I’m biased. But all the work that FESA does is equally important so I hate having to pick a favourite.

F: Do you hope someone will save you from being pied?

D: Yes, but only because that would mean $1,000 more for FESA and would either help us reach our goal, or maybe even exceed it.

If you’d like to donate to our fundraiser, you can click here to be taken to the donation portal. The three Board Members with the highest percentage of donations will be pied in the face at our event in September, but if we reach our goal of $10,000, all Board Members will be pied. Each Board Member has the option to be saved if you donate $1,000.

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