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  • Kraig Brachman

Pie Junkie Partnership Announcement

We’re excited to formally announce our partnership between the Further Education Society and Calgary’s premium pie provider, Pie Junkie! Pie Junkie is helping us raise awareness of the Pie in the FESA fundraiser and will be supplying pies for the Pieing Day.

We've wanted to partner with Pie Junkie since the beginning of our fundraiser because of their commitment to the Calgary community (and the delicious pies they make). If you haven't heard of Pie Junkie before, it's a local bakery that creates high-end sweet and savoury pies that are locally handmade by Nancy, Jo-Anne, and their team of skilled bakers from their three locations.

Pie Junkie is the perfect pie-partner for the Pie in the FESA Fundraiser.

Pie Junkie is founded by Nancy Goemans and has a long history of making pies with her family. Nancy’s daughter is special needs and told Nancy she wished to make a living baking pies. Seeing an opportunity, Nancy pursued creating an inclusive environment to work with her daughter and so they could make fresh, handmade pies with high-quality ingredients in Calgary. Nancy told us “It is important because those with special needs are left without jobs and marginalized; a fate I had hoped my daughter might avoid with Pie Junkie. Pie Junkie is about creating something that is a part of our heritage. Pie Junkie is a place of inclusion.

We are so happy to be working together, Pie Junkie, and we can’t wait to see how this pie-partnership will unfold!

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