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  • Kraig Brachman

FESA Learner Story: Amy's Drawing

Today we want to share a drawing from one of FESA’s young learners: Amy.

We have received Amy’s drawing from Joanna, Amy’s mom. The drawing was made for Joanna as a gift for Mother’s Day. Amy is four years old and drew an angel mermaid with wings, just as beautiful and kind as her mom.

Drawing provides many opportunities for kids to build essential skills like fine motor skills, creativity, and hand strength. Along with helping their physical development, drawing provides opportunities for kids to use creativity and imagination; it also provides time to practice focusing on a single task and opportunities for decision making.

You can read all about the benefits of your child drawing here.

Help support the development of learners like Amy by donating to our Pie in the FESA fundraiser. FESA Board Members are raising donations to see who will be pied! Donate online by clicking here.

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