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Peachy Keen and Other Noteworthy Pies at Pie Junkie

Photo of the (L-R) peach blueberry and Mexican strata pie from Pie Junkie. Photos courtesy of Pie Junkie.

The King (#1 seller)

What is Pie Junkie’s bestselling pie and why do you think it is?

It varies with the season! Our Pumpkin Pie is a bestseller during Thanksgiving and the Mincemeat Tart is one of our bestsellers during Christmas. Apple Pie will always be popular across the board and around the world.

For many people, pies are rooted in tradition – their mothers or grandparents made pies and in this generation, the art of pie making is lost because people are busy with work. Pie Junkie brings tradition and nostalgia back to families with our pies.

Best Throwing Pie

What pie do you think would make the best throwing pie?

The best throwing pie would be one full of cream like the Coconut Cream Pie. Be sure not to face upwards as cream can get into the nasal cavity and it’s not pleasant!

The Underdog (secretly great, but not wildly known)

Is there a pie that is not as popular, but the people who do like it really like it? Why do you think it is?

Salted Honey Pie. People’s first reaction is, “why salt?!” but once they get it into their mouths, they can’t get enough.

Pies from other cultures like the Bakewell (traditionally British, made with cranberries and almonds) or the Chocolate Brownie Pie (also known as Tar Heel Pie and a tradition in southern States) that people are less familiar with are great too – once they try it, they’re hooked!

In terms of savoury pies, Steak and Kidney in Guinness is a traditionally British pie and the recipe we use is actually my father’s recipe. Most North Americans aren’t familiar with organs in pies, but those who are love the Steak and Kidney in Guinness Pie.

The Cult Classic (a pie that is a little different, but is really good)

​Is there a pie that is made with ingredients that are not normally found in pies? If so, what are the ingredients?

Christmas Orange Cream Pie. During Christmas, we make an orange posset pie (we call it an Orange Cream Pie). Hundreds of years ago, the British created the posset – a hot drink made with milk and wine or ale. Later, the drink became more of a pudding because it was made with cream and sugar, and set with citrus. Our Orange Cream Pie is made with freshly squeezed orange juice and orange rind in the cream, which is then poured into the shell to set.

The Seasonal (a pie not available all year round)

Is there a pie that is currently available or will soon be available on a limited basis?

We’ll be launching our Peach Blueberry Pie soon. It’s early in peach season so we can get fresh peaches. Our fruit pies change seasonally which allows us to create pies with fresh, in-season fruits and everyone has an opportunity to get their favourite pie.

The Comfort Dish

Is there a pie that you would consider comfort food? Why would you consider it comfort food?

Every pie is comfort food. Children peeking into the kitchen while parents are making pies, pies cooling on the windowsills, eating Chicken Pot Pie on a cold day when you’re sick… Pie is comfort.


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