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  • Mariah Wilson

3 Books to Read this February

With the season of love just around the corner, our February reading guide focuses on the importance of showing kindness towards classmates, friends, and family. We hope these stories help you talk to your children about how to be kind to others as well as why it's important to treat everyone the same.


Llama Llama I Love You (2014)

Written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney

"Nothing could be sweeter than Valentine’s Day with Llama Llama! Llama Llama shows his friends and family how much he loves them with heart-shaped cards and lots of hugs.…" —Penguin Random House Canada


Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink (1996)

Written and illustrated by Diane de Groat

"Gilbert is all set to write fifteen friendly valentine cards to his classmates. But how can he write a nice poem for the boy who tweaked his nose, or the girl who made fun of his glasses? Instead, Gilbert writes two not-so-nice valentines...and signs the wrong name on both! When his classmates read his poems, their feelings are hurt, and Gilbert's prank quickly turns into pandemonium. But with the help of a friend and an honest apology, there's always time for a change of heart on Valentine's Day." —Goodreads


A Crankenstein Valentine (2014)

Written by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Dan Santat

"Cheesy cards, allergy-inducing bouquets, and heart-shaped everything? YECHHHH! It's enough to turn anyone into a monster! An ordinary kid becomes Crankenstein on the most lovey-dovey, yuckiest day of the year: Valentine's Day. Can Crankenstein find a way to turn his sour day sweet? Can a monster find a little love in his heart? Find out in the monstrously funny A Crankenstein Valentine." —Goodreads



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