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  • Mariah Wilson

3 Books to Read this November

As the weather turns a little cooler each day, we've picked out some books that will help kids get excited about the seasonal change, teach them new words, and help them develop their relationship-building skills.


Winter is Here (2018)

Written by Kevin Henkes and illustrated by Laura Dronzek

"Snow falls, animals burrow, and children prepare for the wonders winter brings. Caldecott Medalist and award-winning author Kevin Henkes’s striking text introduces basic concepts of language and the unique beauty of the winter season. Laura Dronzek’s expressive paintings beautifully capture the joyful wonders of winter. This is an engaging companion to the best-selling When Spring Comes and In the Middle of Fall. Winter Is Here is an ideal choice for story time, seasonal curriculums, and bedtime reading." —Goodreads


Got to Get to Bear's (2018)

Written and illustrated by Brian Lies

"Bear never asks for anything. So when a letter arrives for the little chipmunk Izzy, urgently requesting her presence, she can’t refuse--even if there is a blizzard on the way! This heartwarming tale of friendship from bestselling author Brian Lies will melt even the chilliest of hearts. Bear never asks for anything. So when she sends a note to Izzy urgently requesting her presence, Izzy can’t refuse! But a blizzard begins and slows Izzy's progress. As the snow accumulates, so do her friends, helping her on her way to Bear’s place. This heartwarming tale from best-selling author and illustrator Brian Lies shows readers the rewards of counting on friends to get you through, snowstorm or not." —Goodreads


Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter (2017)

Written and illustrated by Kenard Park

"As leaves fall from their trees, animals huddle against the cold, and frost creeps across windows, everyone knows--winter is on its way! Join a brother and sister as they explore nature and take a stroll through their twinkling town, greeting all the signs of the coming season. In a series of conversations with everything from the setting sun to curious deer, they say goodbye to autumn and welcome the glorious first snow of winter." —Goodreads



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