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  • Mariah Wilson

3 Free Virtual Activities to do this March

Even though the weather is getting warmer each day, a lot of places are still closed to the public due to COVID-19 health regulations. Besides taking socially-distanced walks, there isn't a whole lot to do with your family right now because of these restrictions. So, we thought of some activities happening throughout the rest of March that you and your family can safely do from the comfort of your homes for free.

The CPO has used this "down time" to film some impressive solo concerts in some of Calgary's most iconic landmarks — like the Bow Tower and the Palliser's ballroom. To get an exclusive look into this private spaces as well as to listen to some beautiful classical music, you can register to three different concerts.

Each concert is free and registration is required in order to gain access through your email. Once gaining access, each concert is available for 30 days. You can access registration here.

Telus Spark has teamed up with SNOLAB to offer an exclusive tour of the deepest underground lab in Canada. The SNOLAB is located 2 km underneath Sudbury, Ontario and provides a space for scientists to study extremely rare physical interactions. This event includes a live virtual tour, a Q & A with scientists, and a demonstration of the Cloud Chamber.

This event takes place on March 24, 2021 from 10 AM to 11 AM. It is a free event, but requires registration in advance. You can access registration here.

The Green Fools Theatre Society has embarked on a new project called "The Community Circus" which encourages participants to move, get creative, and have fun through free online workshops and daily challenges. Their final show — The Greatest Show Online — will feature puppets, professional circus artists, and video submissions from their fans.

Each challenge is posted to their Facebook and social media pages, and can be accessed here.



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