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4 Murals to Check Out in Calgary

There are few better hobbies for your children to develop early than the arts. Evidence suggests that participating in musical education or performing arts early on can develop children’s early identity, foster their social skills, and nurture their passions. Art is very personal and can cause people to have different opinions, but it's important for children and adults alike to broaden their horizons and engage with different paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

But, just looking at artwork isn't enough. Drawing and painting can also build your child’s fine motor skills, encourage them to think creatively as they learn to express themselves, and increase their confidence. All children have an innate curiosity, and if we are careful and caring, a genuine passion can flourish from it.

So, how can we foster our children’s interest in the wonderful world of art, and preferably for free? One way is to take advantage of Calgary's expansive network of public art murals and make it an outing to go out as a family and hunt for some cool pieces around the city. Here are a few to look out for in the downtown core:

Corridor of Connection Mural

This bright, colourful, and expressive mural decorates the underpass which connects the East Village and Victoria parks neighbourhoods. The art piece is abstract and composed of many elements, which can keep your kids fantasizing about what they think the meaning is. You can also hop on to the Calgary-famous Village Ice Cream afterward since it’s right next to the pathway!

Akin by Fluke

Installed as part of the BUMP mural festival, this large and distinctive mural covers most of the side of an otherwise nondescript building. Using bright colours contrasting a darker background, it’s an expressive piece worth a look at if you end up down 17th. It happens to also be right next to a popular ice cream shop: Made By Marcus which is a Calgary favourite for good reason!

Untitled by Birdo

At first, you might not notice this enormous bird looking down on you along with its bold colours; but once you do, you never miss it again! Located next to the classic building of the Knox United Church and 3 St C-Train station, this is not a piece to overlook.

The Inbetween by Katie Greene

This ethereal piece mixes soothing colours and elements of humans, animals, folklore, and myths to portray a visual story, one which might keep your child dreaming about its meaning.



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