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  • Kraig Brachman

Announcing FESA's Birdies for Kids Participation

Ah, spring! No more snow... Wait, where did that come from? Along with Alberta’s periodic spring snow, this time of year means flowers, showers, and birdies, Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink (BFK) to be precise; and like previous years, we are happy to announce that the Further Education Society of Alberta (FESA) is a BFK participating charity for 2022!

For those of you new to the rodeo, BFK is a yearly fundraiser that aims to bring much needed dollars to Calgary youth charities, while providing a world-class professional sporting event accessible to families. Starting in 2013, $2.2 million was raised for southern-Alberta charities. Almost a decade later, BFK has raised over $75 million.

What this means for FESA supporters and donors is that any amount donated between March 1st to August 31st, 2022, each and every donation made will be matched up to 50% by BFK. Every donation you make helps us reach more learners, get more books into kid's hands, and help FESA host more parenting and essential skills programs in Calgary!

One of our most popular programs is the Parent Child Mother Goose (PCMG); PCMG program participant Jaspreet and her daughter joined an Online Parent-Child Mother Goose program led by our facilitator Batista and shared how she felt about the PCMG program in Calgary:

“This is a wonderful session not only for kids but for mum too. This acted as nursery rhyme time for my daughter but also a good friend chat; specially in the pandemic year where we are unable to meet anyone and now being a mom of 2 kids: a toddler and a baby. Last year we joined mother goose session with Batista, my daughter got a friend with whom she interacted and learnt with her as kids more learn with other kids. Batista also organized other sessions. Discussions on different type of personalities and how to handle yourself in stress or pandemic was told. Thank you for running such a great program! Even I encourage other parents to be part of this not only the kids interact but moms too and get help out of it.”

Last year, with the support of donors and Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink, FESA reached 728 children through our Family Literacy Programs in and around Calgary; our programs offer learners a safe and welcoming environment that encourages children through literacy exploration with songs, stories, and nursery rhymes. Every program participant receives a free learning kit which contains books, writing and drawing tools, toys, puzzles and games.

Whether you are a regular FESA donor or are a first-time donor, now is the best time to support literacy and learning in your community; right now, your donation goes further than any other time of the year! Help support learners like Jaspreet and her daughter in Calgary, donate today:


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