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Celebration of Learning Award for 2022

On October 22nd, we held our Annual General Meeting, and at every AGM we like to hand out awards to outstanding people and organizations that have done something special.

Komal Kyada is this year’s recipient of the FESA Celebration of Learning Award. Komal moved to Canada in 2020 and first joined the Early Literacy program with her daughter in January 2021; Komal told us the basic English instruction was incredibly helpful and provided her with a great starting point with her English proficiency.

Komal found the two previous programs so critical in supporting her language development that she joined the PCMG program with her son. During her time here, she continued to display a passion for learning and a drive to improve her communication skills

With a 100% attendance rate throughout all her programs, Komal impressed FESA’s facilitators with her devotion to learning; her determination to quickly improve her language skills is fuelled by the life she wants for herself and her children.

And, to further develop her English skills in real life situations and give back to the community, Komal started volunteering at the Genesis Centre after receiving encouragement from a FESA facilitator.

All of this and more is why Komal is the Outstanding Learner Award Recipient for 2022! Congratulations, Komal!


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