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  • Mariah Wilson

Crafts and Recipes to Make this Halloween

With the spooky season just around the corner, it might have crept on you since this fall has been jam-packed with school starting, Thanksgiving, and even two elections! If you need a little inspiration on where to start to get into the Halloween spirit, we’ve prepared some crafts, recipes, and even some movie recommendations to get you started.



This year, we have picked two monster-themed crafts that will delight and entertain your kids leading up to the holiday. You can use socks that have lost their mate for the monster sock puppet, which your kids will have a blast creating imaginative games and stories with their newfound monster characters. If your kids need new bookmarks, then what better way to incorporate the holiday into their reading routine than through a corner marker that they'll have a hard time losing!



This compilation video has a ton of great ways and ideas on how to tweak your current recipes to be more "spooky" themed. It's a great excuse to get your kids in the kitchen so that they can use their creativity to help decorate!





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