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Discover These 5 Exciting Children's Books from Alberta

When we think of Alberta, we think of mountains, dinosaurs, the Calgary Stampede, the prairies, but you know what we should think of? Children's books! For our latest book list, we wanted to provide you all with a few books that you and your kids can explore Canada's fourth-largest province!

All the books below are either about Alberta or written by Alberta authors. Not only not, everyone is available for borrowing from the Calgary Public Library!

Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands

by Dr. W. Scott Persons IV with illustrations by Dr. Julius T Csotonyi

In Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands, paleontologist Dr. Persons travels back in time 76 million years to the Late Cretaceous period, when pterosaurs soared through the skies, prehistoric sea monsters as long as school buses swam in Alberta's shallow sea, and ankylosaurs and ceratopsians roamed the swamps and flood plains that would eventually become the badlands of today. Meet the terrifying Albertosaurus, a relative of Tyrannosaurus, and the plant-eating, duck-billed Edmontosaurus. Bet on the winner of a race between a tyrannosaur and a hadrosaur--who's quick and deadly, who's slow and steady? Explore some of Alberta's most notable dig sites, including the Danek Bonebed, and learn how fossils form and what paleontologists do when they find them. And discover dinosaurs' avian legacy and Alberta's official provincial “dinosaur”--the great horned owl. — Harbour Publishing

Howdy, I'm John Ware

Written by Ayesha Clough, illustrated by Hugh Rookwood

Howdy, I’m John Ware is an illustrated children's book about Canada's legendary Black cowboy. The story, ideal for ages 7-10, brings the real-life legend to a new generation of kids.

Despite experiencing enslavement, war and discrimination, this gifted horseman blazed a trail of kindness, becoming one of Alberta’s most loved and respected pioneer ranchers. - Red Barn Books

Borrow it from the Calgary Public Library:

Lucy Tries Hockey

Wrtten by Lisa Bowes, illustrated by James Hearne

Lucy and her family are skating on an outdoor rink when she sees a game of hockey going on. It looks like fun, but maybe too challenging. Supported by her parents, Lucy enrolls in an introductory hockey clinic, and thanks to an encouraging instructor, she and her friends learn basic hockey skills, have fun on the ice and decide to add hockey to their list of favorite sports!

The Lucy Tries Sports series encourages children to get active and participate in sports and recreation. — Orca Book Publishers

Borrow it from the Calgary Public Library:

Juggling the Jitters

By Deborah Fannie Miller, illustrated by Danielle Bazinet

Yikes!” say the Jitters, and then even more Jitters arrive. When Jacob woke up, everything was great. But when Jacob goes to bed, everything gets JITTERY! That’s when the Jitters appear and the troubles begin! You try getting ready for bed with six Jitters in your way and they keep multiplying! This is Jacob’s funny and frustrating problem in Juggling the Jitters. — Frontenanc House

Borrow it from the Calgary Public Library:

Alberta Blue

Words by Pat Hatherly, Illustrations by Jesse Horne

Snuggle up with your little one and enjoy this Made-in-Alberta board book, a tribute to our big skies and wide-open landscapes. Marvel at the beauty of our province with rhyming verses by Pat Hatherly and watercolour paintings by Jesse Horne — Red Barn Books

Borrow it from the Calgary Public Library:


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