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  • Kraig Brachman

FESA Fun Family Day Event

We hope everyone had a wonderful Family Day! Every year, we like to do a little something special in celebration of this special day. This year we partnered with the Mustard Seed’s Manchester Neighbour Centre to bring the neighbourhood a free family even where the kids can do crafts, sing, have a story time, and interact with other families! Snacks and juice were provided, as well as some hot chocolate and coffee – for the parents, of course!


Kids love slime. Maybe not the stuff that forms on mouldy food, but I’ve never seen kids so into stirring to make the fun, tacky, and colourful mixture as at FESA’s Fun Family Day Event. We opened the day with lots of crafts for the kids to engage with. Other than slime, there was play dough, pipe cleaner, glitter, and paints. The crafts kept everyone busy for most of the event. People made sculptures, paintings, and of course slime!


After our craft time, we quickly tidied up, grabbed some snacks, and gathered around to sing some songs. We sang three songs. The first was one that got the kids giggling, called I Found A Bug. Next up was an interactive one called Walking Through the Forest, where we did a round of singing and mimed the actions of the song and animal. And to close out our sing-a-long, we had another bug themed song called Poor Little Bug on the Wall

Story time

And we ended the event with a quick story time of a very silly book. Facilitator Victoria read Kenneth Kraegel's wacky and surprising book, This Is a Book of Shapes. “A 32 page board book in which the basic shapes (square, circle, triangle) are intruded on by some wacky characters; an emu who pushes a pancake wagon, for example! Learn your shapes and have some fun along the way” –

There is also a fun colouring page available for free from Kenneth's website. Thanks, Kenneth!

It was great we could have such a nice afternoon to hold the event on the 16th before the snow started to fall on the long weekend. Our facilitator Victoria did a wonderful job engaging with the children. We hope the families had fun and enjoyed the event and the free learning kits! We are so happy we could work with The Mustard Seed's Manchester Neighbour Centre for this event.


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