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  • Kraig Brachman

FESA Supports Housing and Affordability

The City of Calgary is in a housing and affordability crisis.

The Further Education Society of Alberta supports the recommendations put forward by the CCVO's letter outlining the issue facing nonprofits in relation to the housing and affordability crisis, which you can find here, and at the September 14th Calgary City Council public hearing.

At the public hearing held on September 14th—which spilled over to the 15th, and the vote wasn't taken until the 16th, the Calgary City Council heard speakers state if they are for or against the Housing and Affordability Task for recommendations, which you can find here.

FESA attended the hearing in-person, and virtually, as there were 31 scheduled groups to speak with 5 speakers in each group. Members of CCVO and supporting nonprofits attended, sporting red ribbons, enough for all stickers, and pins proclaiming stating “I Support Alberta Nonprofit.”

We joined 91 other nonprofits in supporting the CCVO in recommending the Calgary City Council to accept the Housing and Affordability Task Force recommendations.

The Calgary City Council voted 12-3 in favour of the housing plan.


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