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Five Easy and Fun Holiday Paper Crafts for Kids

The holiday season is here! There are numerous traditions many families enjoy this time of year, including decorating your tree and home. Another wonderful way to add to this tradition and engage with your children is through holiday crafts.

There is no shortage of fun holiday crafts to be found on the internet, but we wanted to share a few paper based ones that are cost-effective and don’t require a lot of preparation. Decorations made from paper can also be surprisingly beautiful.

Here are 6 holiday paper crafts that you just need paper, scissors, glue (for just one of the crafts) and pens for decorating. We suggest picking up a pack of coloured paper for these, but you could also use white paper you colour yourself or other paper like magazines and flyers you have at home.

Younger kids that can’t use scissors or quite fold the paper to make these decorations will still love adding their own touches with markers and pens to the decorations you put together.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

Easy Paper Snowflakes

This quick and easy video shows you how to fold your paper, draw and cut out a design to create a paper snowflake. There are lots of video examples of different snowflake patterns, but once you've seen how to fold the paper up into a triangle. We encourage you to have a go at cutting your own shapes out to see what you can make!

Christmas and Winter Themed Bookmark Corners

These cute bookmarks are a great way to add some holiday and winter cheer to your books. They make a great gift too!

This video has short instructions for 6 different bookmark corners:

You can find longer instructions for each of the designs here:

Paper Wall Stars

These easy paper stars are a great way to add holiday cheer to blank walls.

Origami Paper Christmas Tree

These paper trees can also hide a small message or candy for someone inside. They'd make a great table decoration or gift!

Easy Paper Stars

These paper stars are smaller than the paper wall stars. They can be made in various sizes depending on the width of your strip paper. They're great decoration to place around the room, on the mantle or table, or add a piece of string and create a hanging decoration for the tree.

Moving Paper Penguin

These paper penguins can stand up and jiggle! There's also Santa and snowman versions if you'd like something more holiday themed or simply want to make more!


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