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Getting to Know the FESA Learners

Who are the people who come to our programs? They are people like you and me, learners who have hopes of improving their literacy and essential skills. We reached out to the learners who attend the weekly Reading & Writing, and Listening & Communicating programs, hosted in partnership with the Women in Need Society of Calgary.

These learners have agreed to share their stories, and we are so thankful for them taking the time to answer some questions. Some were comfortable sharing their name, others wished to remain anonymous. These program participants attended the weekly Reading & Writing and Listening & Speaking programs, hosted in partnership with WINS Dover.

Written Responses:


I am from Lebanon. I have lived in Canada for 40 years. I joined the program because I was looking to learn how to read and write. I thought the program would allow me to start learning how to read and write. I have learnt the alphabet which was hard for me before and now I am learning to put letters together to form words and sentences. I like the worksheets, and there are resources to practice. My favourite part is when I am able to read out loud and get everything correct, it makes me very happy. I learnt things better than before. I could not read or write at all before. Now I am getting better and better. My writing looks tidier. I was not able to fill out forms before and I never asked for help, I used to be very shy and uncomfortable when asking for help. Now I can speak well and ask for help when I need it. I can share my experiences and ideas with people, and I can explain myself better. I now use this to help other and encourage others. They should come to Reading and Writing, it’s a nice program and the facilitators are also nice. I encourage people to come and learn.

Anonymous Learners:

I am from El Salvador. I have lived in Canada for 19 years. I joined the program because I wanted to learn English and learn how to read and write. I have learnt how to read stories form the worksheets given and how to write as well. My favourite part is reading the stories in the worksheets. There is a lot of paper and worksheets provided. The program helped me in practicing my English, reading, and writing, which I did not do before. Now I am able to read in all the places I go. It is a good program because you get to practice reading, writing, and English. The day and time work perfectly for me. I want more work so that I can practice. I like it when the words are written on the board because it is easy to follow.

I have been in Canada more than 2 years. I joined the program because learning English was good. I learned better writing, reading, speaking, and listening. I wanted more station when I answered questions. I enjoy the reading and listening to stories. Short stories were interesting. This program was useful. I appreciate WINS and the great teachers.

I have learned more vocabulary. I am working in retail store. Now when the customers ask me about any item of the store I understand and I can help them. It has been a big success for me because it helps me in my job. I see my progress when starting a conversation with a stranger. I would tell potential participates because they will will feel more confident to express themself in English. I have seen the progress of my companions and I feel immensely proud to see that his efforts are bearing fruit.

I am from Venezuela. I have been in Canada for 2 years. I joined the program after finishing my Retail Ready course. I think that the program improved my knowledge in English. During the program I have learned more vocabulary. When we have a conference or video we can express ourselves freely and learn more vocabulary from our classmates. I like the diversity of cultures that exists among the companions, including the facilitators. That has been very enriching. The program made me feel more confident when I have to speak in English.

Video Responses:



If you would like to know more about or sign up for the Reading & Writing or Speaking & Listening programs, You can contact Shradha at



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