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  • Kraig Brachman

Hurry, It's Your Last Chance to Make a Matching Donation!

Wow, it’s already August 2022. Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink has been running for five months! We’ve been having a lot of fun with Birdies for Kids 2022, you can donate to the Further Education Society of Alberta and have it matched up to 50% or make a text donation through Chip in for Kids where you can text KIDS11 to 30333 to make a $10 donation and have it matched up to $30!

But, sadly, that all ends on August 31st. After the Shaw Charity Classic where the titular Birdies for Kids takes place happens – during the final hole, for every hole-in-one and birdie made a certain amount is raised, the fundraiser goes into hibernation for another year.

Before Birdies for Kids flies south for the winter, let me tell you what you support when you make a matching donation to FESA.

Literacy Materials

A major commitment for us is to provide essential literacy materials to all our learners. This ranges from books, writing utensils, paper, colouring materials, games, toys, and crafts. We order these materials, package them by hand in a handy bag, and call them Learning Kits! Every participant that comes through a FESA program is provided with these items free of cost.


And, speaking of program participants, we offer FREE in-person and online programs. Due to Covid-19, we temporarily stopped holding in-person programs and pivoted to hosting programs online for the safety of our participants and staff.

Well, we’ve started the in-person again for 2022. It has been great seeing all the smiling faces in-person again! But just because we’ve started seeing people in real life again doesn’t mean we have stopped our online programs. No, we’ve kept the online programs for the ease of access it creates!

Community Engagement

Through one-off programs, community partnerships, contests, and special events, and more, FESA provides a place for learners to connect and share their experiences, to make friends, and feel safe to pursue engagement that otherwise might be too daunting.

Our programs are always open to everyone, safe, and welcoming. They are facilitated by trained professionals with years of experience and knowledge, and they always make programs a safe and welcoming place to learn.

If any of these stories or pictures moves or inspires you, please donate at Your support helps us and more importantly, helps Calgary’s vulnerable populations attend free programs, attend a safe space to build community, and continue the learning at home!


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