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  • Kraig Brachman

Learner Story: An Earned Certificate of Completion

An important aspect of the Further Education Society of Alberta that we feel doesn't get enough attention is our work with the Calgary Remand Centre. It's understandable due to the sensitive nature of every aspect of the work. Still, the people receiving the programming we do through the Remand Centre is essential and has been a continual part of FESA's Calgary Programs for years.

Recently, a story about one of the program participants through the Calgary Remand Centre was discussed, and it needs to be shared:

A participant, who we will simply call B, attended our Parenting, Healthy Relationships, and Life Skills Program as part of the Treatment, Knowledge, Opportunity (TKO) Program at Calgary Remand Centre this year. After he completed the program but before we could issue him a certificate of program completion, he was sentenced and transferred to Calgary Correctional Centre.

FESA facilitators, Del and Dustin, who delivered this program, believed it's essential for B to receive this certificate. Since B has been sentence and transferred, it will be helpful for him to show it to the court and get a chance to reconnect with his children when he gets released from the jail in the future.

Due to the nature of the situation, we don’t know have a key contact at the Calgary Correctional Centre who can help forward this certificate to B. Speaking to the TKO Program Coordinator at the Calgary Remand Centre, Del and Dustin came up with the idea of mailing the certificate to the Calgary Correctional Centre with a letter from FESA addressing the situation. After discussing it with the FESA Senior Manager, we have mailed it out.

Hopefully, B can receive his earned certificate.

Since this story is ongoing, we plan on sharing any follow-up.


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