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Letters from Learners this July

Two learners took time to write us in thanks for our hosted programs. Learners Jaspreet and Jayati attended Parent Child Mother Goose programs facilitated by Bitasta. As our learners took time to write us, we wanted to share with our connects these uplifting messages. Jayati even sent along a couple Thank You cards made by her kids.



I want to start by expressing my gratitude, Thank you! This is a wonderful session not only for kids but for mum to. This not acted as nursery rhyme time for my daughter but also a good friend chat with Bitasta; specially in the pandemic year where we are unable to meet anyone and now being a mom of 2 kids: a toddler and a baby. Last year we joined mother goose session with Bitasta, my daughter got a friend with whom she interacted and learnt with her as kids more learn with other kids. Bitasta also used to organize waste management session and early literacy session. Discussions on different type of personalities and who to handle yourself in stress or pandemic was told. Whenever Avleen is done with her class or if I need a time to talk to a friend then we also do [or] to get some suggestions on how to deal with! She is there to help me out.

Thank you for running such a great program! Even I encourage other parents to be part of this not only the kids interact but moms too and get help out of it.

Thank you Bitasta.

Regards, Jaspreet


Good morning,

I want to share my journey and experience of class which going on with miss Bitasta. I want to say big thank you to miss Bitasta for doing amazing work with my kids and helped me a lot throughout the year. I experienced differences in my kids after joined this they started speaking in front of [facilitator], followed instructions given by [facilitator], singing, telling stories.

My kids enjoyed and learned so many new things. As She is always friendly, helpful to kids enjoyed a lot. They always wait for this class. I also attained workshops which helped me lot.

Thank you.



Our programs are free to everyone and available online. We can schedule a one-on-one, or small or large group session with a time that works for you! To sign up and for more information, email or call 403-250-5034.


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