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MRU Child Care Centre National Child Day Event 

To celebrate National Child Day, which takes place every November on the 20th, we got together with the Mount Royal University’s Child Care Centre to hold a special event highlighting the rights children have, including:

  • The right to education

  • The right to care

  • The right to culture, language, and religion

  • The right to identity

  • The right to family

  • The right to protection

  • And many more

The day started with some nursery rhymes and dancing to settle for the upcoming reading and beading. Interim Program Manager Beibei Lu read from FESA Facilitator Judy Everson’s book Little One: Discovers His Calling One Feather at a Time. Introduces topics like drum making, Indigenous family culture, and celebration.

After the reading, Beibei discussed what the event was for and some of the rights the kids had and why we were celebrating them; as well as a few nursery rhymes to help re-enage the group's focus and get those tiny muscles moving after quietly listening to the story. After talking about what it means to have rights, we moved over to the tables to bead some bracelets and necklaces.

The bracelets were made from colourful beads and fishing wire. An activity like beading helps develop fine motor skills and improves focus -- at let me tell you, it sure requires both to tie the bracelets off. At the end of the event, the kids lined up and all received literacy kits provided by FESA, all containing books, literacy tools, and games to help develop their motor skills.

Thank you to our participants and Mount Royal Child Care Centre, we hope you had a good time and enjoyed the story time, beading, and learning kits.


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