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Pursuit Day – Trip to Banff

It’s the third week of internships for Cooks with Stones participants who are currently learning and working in Pursuit Banff/Jasper restaurants in Banff. Before they started, Pursuit planned a day for them touring their Banff restaurants and tourism experiences. Further Education Society of Alberta (FESA) staff were lucky enough to be invited too!

The day started with a meet up at the Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino. Mirit, Director of Programming and Animation and Executive Chef Scott from Pursuit had two buses ready to take everyone to Banff. The Farm and Fire restaurant located inside The Elk + Avenue Hotel was the first destination. Chef Jonathan at Farm and Fire welcomed everyone and showed the group the banquet room, kitchen, and herb garden.

The second destination was the Mount Royal Hotel, where Chef Scott gave a kitchen tour of the new Brazen restaurant located inside the hotel. After the tour, everyone boarded a 1930s style automobile with an open-top which took us to the Banff Gondola where we rode up the mountain and met Chef Kirk.

Chef Kirk gave us a bit of the history of his Caribbean heritage and his love for cooking, adding that he loves cooking because it brings people together. After that, we had lunch at the Northern Lights Alpine Kitchen and toured the kitchen.

The day ended with a boat tour on Lake Minnewanka where the guide shared the history and geography of Lake Minnewanka, as well as Stoney stories which were originally shared with the guides from Stoney Elders. Halfway through the tour, the captain turned off the boat’s engine and everyone experienced the site, sounds, and stillness of Lake Minnewanka.

FESA would like to thank the Pursuit Banff/Jasper Collective, chefs, participants, and participants’ family members and Elders who made this day possible!

Cooks with Stones is a 9-week program that supports Indigenous youth to build literacy and essential skills, culinary skills, confidence and work experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The program is driven by the Stoney community and focuses on developing a better understanding of Stoney Nakoda culture, literacy, and practice as it relates to workplace success.

If you’re interested in Cooks with Stones or would like more information, please contact Aimee Lo, Executive Assistant at

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