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Recognizing Excellence: Celebration of Learning Award Winners!

Every year we like to celebrate the dedication of our learners and the commitment and contributions of our partners to literacy and learning. Here are two of our amazing award winners for 2023.


2023 Celebration of Learning Award for Outstanding Learner

“Marjory Jove is one of the participants in my Reading and Writing Circles Program at the Mustard Seed Manchester Community Impact Centre. She emigrated from Columbia to Canada two years ago, and although she has a solid educational background and work experience, she has been experiencing language and employment barriers as a newcomer.

Marjory has been attending the weekly program since November 2022. Her strong motivation to learn English and high commitment to this program are evident in her consistent attendance. She often seeks opportunities during session time to improve her reading skills by volunteering to read aloud the comprehension worksheets. She actively asks questions, seeks clarification, and participates in discussions. Marjory’s positive learning attitude and active participation have contributed significantly to the overall dynamics and vibrancy of this class.

Marjory consistently supports her fellow learners in this program with kindness and patience. She purposefully engages those participants who are low in English proficiency and confidence to speak out into English conversations and positively encourages them to express themselves.

Marjory’s willingness to help others extend beyond encouragement. Whenever needed in session time, she provides translations to the participants who speak the same native language as hers so that they can better understand my instruction.

Marjory has also taken on the role of an aunt to the young children who are attending the program with their parents, interacting with them during the session break time through fun play and interesting conversation. Marjory’s kind and patient nature makes her an invaluable asset to the group, fostering a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative learning environment for everyone in this program. Her continued learning and progress are highly anticipated.”

— Victoria Lepa, FESA Facilitator

The Mustard Seed

2023 Celebration of Learning Award for Outstanding Organization

We are proud to have collaborated with The Mustard Seed the past year, working together to address the unique challenges faced by newcomers to Canada and those with limited English and literacy skills. In partnership, we’ve delivered 74 sessions of Reading and Writing Circles at three of The Mustard Seed Community Impact Centres, started the new Homework Club program at The Mustard Seed Community Impact Centre and held community family literacy events.

Thank you to The Mustard Seed for your ongoing support, partnership, and dedication to empowering learners, families, and Calgary’s communities!

Heartfelt thanks to Sydney Pronyshyn, the site lead, and her staff! Without Sydney’s outstanding leadership, excellent communication, and dedicated support, our programs at these three locations would not be so successful. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with The Mustard Seed Community Impact Centre and delivering more FESA programs collaboratively in 2024! - Beibei Lu, Program Coordinator FESA


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