• Thomas Tri

Social Media Literacy for Children

Looking around my home, there are countless devices readily available; tucked away in every corner, connected to the internet. I assume that your home probably looks similar to mine. Because technology is so easily accessible, it is important for your children to develop a strong sense of media literacy to navigate the social media sphere, its benefits, and its harms. Children and adolescents alike are at the age where they are easily influenced by the content they see on social media. Whether it is something as small as changing the way they do their hair or something much larger like altering their eating habits, there is no doubt that social media has a profound impact on children.

Some Dangers of Social Media

It is critical to recognize the potential dangers of social media. Research by CHILDREN AT RISK highlights 3 potential dangers of social media:

Mental Health

The many ways in which media users can be impacted by mental health include lower self-esteem, an increase in anxiety and depression, as well an increased risk of suicide and self-harm.