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  • Kraig Brachman

Supporting Literacy In Calgary: Attending the Truth About Reading event at MRU

FESA was proudly in attendance at the film screening of The Truth About Reading event hosted by Dyslexia Canada and Decoding Dyslexia Alberta. On Thursday night, October 5th, we set up a display table, along with other essential nonprofit organizations offering literacy solutions in Calgary to show our support for the event and let the attendees know what options are available for the vulnerable populations in Calgary.

The event was held in celebration of Dyslexia Awareness Month and to help create awareness of the national campaign Mark it Read. The screening of The Truth About Reading: An Invisible Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight was a film about breaking the silence and stigma surrounding illiteracy and sub-literacy and learning about the proven solutions already available. It should be noted that The Truth About Reading is a film made in the USA and deals specifically with the unique challenges they are facing.

However, as pointed out after the screening, the film does address parallels that can be found in Canada and how we can incorporate solutions to dyslexia in our educational system. Many of the questions for the guest panellist after the screening were fielded by teachers and about what can we do in Canada about addressing dyslexia, prompted by the film.

If you would like to learn more about Dyslexia head, visit Decoding Dyslexia Alberta’s homepage at


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