• Mariah Wilson

Teaching Kids About Financial Literacy

It's important that kids understand the value of money from a young age so that they can responsibly budget, save, and spend money as they grow older. Now, with the rise of online shopping and the lack of physical money being used, it's hard to differentiate between wants and needs, as well as keep spending within a set budget. We have prepared some tools and activities you can start doing with your kids to get them set up for future financial success in their lives.


Teach Your Children How to Shop for Groceries

Grocery shopping is something that everyone will have to do on a regular basis in their adult lives. You can start by taking your kids to the grocery store on your weekly trips to teach them how to look for sales, the importance between wants vs. needs, and how to stick within a budget. Have your kids help make a shopping list with you, pick out items from the shelves, and pay at the register. In the future, you can have them use cash to pay but for now, let them insert or tap your credit/debit card to pay and you can tap in your pin.

Important things to discuss with your children: