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Valentine's Day Heartwarming Crafts for Kids

Child painting a heart shape for Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a collection of easy and fun craft activities you can do with your kids. Spend an afternoon (especially a cold winter one) making cards, decorations or even a homemade gift for someone special!

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

This Valentine’s Day craft is a particular great for toddlers’ little hands. You just need a toilet paper roll, tape, paint to dip the end of the roll in and paper, card or even fabric to decorate.

Child painting with toilet paper roll heart stamp
Image: Pretty Prudent

This blog has step-by-step instructions for turning the toilet paper roll into a heart stamp:

You can stamp any pattern you like with the hearts but for some extra inspiration we’ve added some ideas that you can draw or print on to paper to decorate. You could create a bouquet of flowers, a tree, a bunch of balloons, anything you can think of with your stamp. Mix different coloured paints if you have them, or stick to a single colour, both look great!

Outline of a tree and bunch of flowers
Outline of a tree and bunch of flowers to decorate

Fingerprint Heart Art

Here’s another simple Valentine’s Day craft that’s also great for younger kids. For this one you will need paint or stamp pads, scissors, and a surface to decorate: paper, card, canvas, or fabric would work.

Fingerprint heart painting
Image: CraftCornerDIY

Cut out a heart shape (or another shape if you like!) from some paper and place it over the surface you’re decorating. Your little one can then decorate freely by pressing their fingers into paint or stamp pads and then onto the paper to create the heart.

For step-by-step instructions with pictures, take a look at this blog:

You can also use painted fingerprints, rather than toilet roll hearts, to decorate the tree and flower bouquet from first Valentines craft.

Pasta necklaces

Kids can either wear this craft or give the necklace as a gift. You will need paints, brushes, string, ziplock bags, pasta (any that can be threaded easily, like Rigatoni) and paper. Keep the paint colours to a valentine theme with red, white and pink, or use any colours you like.

Painted pasta necklaces

This blog has a great guide to creating and painting pasta necklaces:

and if you’re curious to try dying the pasta instead, take a look here:

Valentine’s Day themed colouring pages

Last but not least, we have some free printable colouring pages. Colouring is a great way to de-stress after a busy day, and it’s beneficial (and fun!) for both adults and kids. Print out these pages and enjoy some creative time together.

Valentines Day colouring page - Love is in the Air
Download PDF • 288KB

Valentines Day colouring page - Love you
Download PDF • 238KB



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