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Winding Down The Homework Club for Summer

This year, we partnered with The Calgary Mustard Seed to provide a program for kids to come to after school let out. This free program was hosted at the Mustard Seed's Manchester Neighbour Centre.

FESA was lucky enough to host this program throughout Winter and Spring after being approach by the Mustard Seed to see if we would be interested in continuing the program. Previously, it was delivered by The Mustard Seed, but needed some help with the workload. Since this was an opportunity for FESA to fill a need, it aligned with our mission and goals, and the outcome of the Homework club was inline with the desired outcome of our literacy based program, we said yes!

Since taking over the Homework Club, program participants and The Mustard Seed have been very happy with the work of our facilitators providing opportunities to improve their reading, writing, and essential skills through crafts, games, songs, and story time.

The Mustard Seed, and FESA facilitators Krista and Filomena had this to say about the Homework Club:

Mustard Seed: Thank you to FESA for providing an amazing program facilitator, and for supporting our program. From the initial planning stages to the final event, you and your team's support and enthusiasm has been evident in every step, and I couldn't thank you enough for it!

Krista, FESA Facilitator: The Homework Club is about creating a safe environment where the kids want to come to. They trust you, feel that you care, and you're not just filling in time. After school clubs are structured for learning and some are formal, but help kids learn in fun ways-even when they think they are not learning but instead having fun after school, those are the critical hours.

With the positive response from the community, the kids, and the Mustard Seed, we hope to be continuing the Homework Club once there is an after school again in September! Before we winded down the program, we handed out special certificates to all of our regulars; each one highlighted something amazing about the individual!

For more information on the Homework Club or any of our programs, contact, or you can read more about what we offer at!



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