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  • Kraig Brachman

FESA Learner Story: Financial Literacy Students

One of our most requested and attended programs is our Financial Literacy program. Learners from all walks of life want to improve their skills when it comes to managing their finances.

These learners have shared some of their thoughts on the benefits of the Further Education Society program and on our wonderful Facilitator Suman Baskota.

Alwina, one of our learners, had this to say about our program:

I recently had the pleasure of attending [FESA Facilitator] Suman Baskota’s online financial literacy class. I found this class very helpful as I had never had the opportunity to attend a class on managing my finances throughout my academic career. I find it interesting that the board of education doesn’t require youths to take a mandatory class regarding finance management. As a fourth-year university student, I will be graduating soon yet my knowledge surrounding finances is limited.

This class highlighted the importance of investing for my future. It informed me that as a young individual, I have many opportunities available to financially thrive in the future if I make smart choices starting right now. This class is also effective for an older population as Suman discussed the development of our spending patterns. He acknowledged that many individuals manage their finances based on whether they were raised in a financially stable household, and how their parents dealt with financial matters. With this information, an older population will be able to reflect on how they were raised, and whether it is affecting their current financial state. In conclusion, this class emphasized the importance of becoming educated on financial matters and gave me tips on how I can manage my money responsibly in order to be financially secure in the future.

Another FESA learner, Bikker, wrote us and shared his thoughts on the Financial Literacy program:

The program explained the things in a very simple way with the help of practical examples, which everybody might have experienced in his/her life.

The smart choice of topics covered under financial literacy, which the majority of working-class people, like me, facing every day helped a lot. Due to ill planning or lack of knowledge, people, with limited income, generally got trapped into debit. This program helped me to understand a small change in purchasing behavior could save a lot, which never came to my mind. It was very surprising as well as interesting to know how to differentiate between wants and needs. The best way to maximize the use of grace period/offers on credit card facilities available in the market without paying penalties, tips, budgeting, making a proper list of things before going to shopping, not to run after attractive sales offer if the stuff is not needed right away, etc. are some of the wonderful and important information that I think could help everybody in a big way.

I am very thankful to Suman and his organization for planning such programs.

We at the Further Education Society are always happy to read our programs are resonating with learners. If you would like to know more about our Financial Literacy programs or more on the other programs FESA holds throughout Calgary, contact Shradha at 403-250-5034 or for more information.

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