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  • Mariah Wilson

The Lowdown on the New Face Coverings Bylaw in Calgary

Illustration by Kraig Brachman

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Calgary, the local government introduced a new bylaw on August 1 that requires Calgarians to wear a face covering if they use public transit and ridesharing services, enter an indoor business or use a city facility (like recreation centres or City Hall).

While there are some exceptions to this rule, most people are not off the hook. For people who refuse to wear a face covering, they'll be fined $50 and will not be allowed to enter the facility that they are trying to until they put on a face covering.

But, if you, a family member or a dependent meets one the following requirements, then a face covering is not required:

  • If you're a child who's 2 years old or younger

  • If you have an underlying medical condition or disability that inhibits you from wearing a face covering

  • If you're unable to remove a face covering without assistance

  • If you're eating or drinking at a public place (e.g. a patio) that offers food and beverages

  • If you're participating in athletic or fitness-related activities

  • If you're accompanying someone who has a disability where a face covering would hinder the accommodation of the person's disability (e.g. lip reading)

  • If you've temporarily removed your face covering to receive a necessary service (e.g. visiting the dentist)

If you're having a hard time finding a face covering in Calgary, the city has worked with several organizations in every quadrant to offer free face coverings for those who need it. The list can be found by clicking here.

But, if you want something a bit more stylish, then there are some local designers offering great options for reusable face coverings. Here is a list of local businesses that you can support:

  • Alberta Apparel | They offer face coverings sold at cost in bundles of 4, 6, and 10.

  • Ashabi | This dual pack offers reusable rayon face coverings made from bamboo in a variety of colours and patterns.

  • HOMEMADEbrand | If you want to rock a bandana pattern that doubles as a face covering, then look no further. They also offer retro and summer prints as part of their collection.

  • Kate Hewko | Known for her edgy and custom designs, Kate Hewko has upped the cloth face covering game with everything zebra to leopard print.

  • Medium Rare | This chef apparel company has shifted their efforts to providing reusable face coverings where 10% of the profits will go towards Mealshare.

  • Riyoko | Riyoko's face coverings are made with 100% Canadian-sourced cotton that has patterns that will delight the young to the old. They also have multiple sizing options from young children to large (adult).

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