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How the Manchester Homework Club Supports Students After School

Facilitator doing crafts

Last year, FESA was approached by the Mustard Seed's Manchester Community Impact Centre to take the lead on a group that was being previously run by another organization. This program became a pilot of sorts, which expanded to the Marlborough Park and Shaganappi Community Impact Centres.

The Homework Club is a free after school program with the aim of by providing supports for kids to connect, learn, and grow. It creates a space after school where young students can decompress, make new friends, receive help with their homework, and improve their skills through crafting and play.

The Mustard Seed has had volunteers that have been there since the start, and we asked them for their perspective on how the program has helped kids:

Volunteer around table playing Uno

Bradlee — Mustard Seed practicum student

“I like the program with the kids where they were taught about the solar system. They enjoyed the craft, especially learning about outer space.” 

Ngozi — homework club volunteer

Volunteer in front of art wall

“I moved to Canada about a year and six months ago, and I used to volunteer a lot at home, especially with kids and teenagers, so when I was offered a place here at Homework Club I was like sure I’ll take it. Volunteering for me means leaving an impact on the kids, since they are our future.”

“I think it’s especially important for improving school skills and social skills, and social skills outside of school… when Maxwell first came here he had very low motor skills, and he struggled with colouring and cutting, but with the activities, they’ve been doing you can see that he can colour very well now. And for Kiki as well, when he first came it was very hard to get him to listen, but now you see that he’s much more cooperative now. So homework club has had a huge impact on those skills.”

The Homework Club is being offered throughout Calgary. If you are interested in it, please contact 825-222-4731, or email,, for more information.


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