Peachy Keen and Other Noteworthy Pies at Pie Junkie

Photo of the (L-R) peach blueberry and Mexican strata pie from Pie Junkie. Photos courtesy of Pie Junkie. The King (#1 seller) What is Pie Junkie’s bestselling pie and why do you think it is? It varies with the season! Our Pumpkin Pie is a bestseller during Thanksgiving and the Mincemeat Tart is one of our bestsellers during Christmas. Apple Pie will always be popular across the board and around the world. For many people, pies are rooted in tradition – their mothers or grandparents made pies and in this generation, the art of pie making is lost because people are busy with work. Pie Junkie brings tradition and nostalgia back to families with our pies. Best Throwing Pie What pie do you think

Free Summer Activities In and Around Calgary

Unfortunately, COVID-19 derailed a lot of people's summer plans of hosting big get-togethers with friends and family, traveling to new areas, and even spending many afternoons at local rec centers. Even though it may seem like the possibilities for fun the sun is limited, we've compiled a list of free and low-cost activities in and around Calgary where you can maintain social distancing while exploring new and familiar places. In Calgary: You can try your luck at doing heelflips and kickflips at one of Calgary's local skateparks. Make sure to wear the correct protective gear and give enough space between you and the other skaters. For a fun night out, you can put your Instagram skills to tes

BFK Fundraising Update: Chip in for kids

While we can’t physically come together this year for the Shaw Charity Classic, Shaw is committed to continuing the tournament’s legacy of giving. The real winners of the Shaw Charity Classic have always been the hundreds of thousands of children and youth across Alberta who rely on charitable organizations for support with food security, healthcare, mental wellness, and much more. Organizations like ours rely on donations and we need your support now more than ever as demand for our services continue to increase. Within the community we provide over 100 literacy programs for 1,027 adult learners and 883 children, and train 190 facilitators to deliver programs across the city and the provinc

FESA Learner Story: Financial Literacy Students

One of our most requested and attended programs is our Financial Literacy program. Learners from all walks of life want to improve their skills when it comes to managing their finances. These learners have shared some of their thoughts on the benefits of the Further Education Society program and on our wonderful Facilitator Suman Baskota. Alwina, one of our learners, had this to say about our program: I recently had the pleasure of attending [FESA Facilitator] Suman Baskota’s online financial literacy class. I found this class very helpful as I had never had the opportunity to attend a class on managing my finances throughout my academic career. I find it interesting that the board of educat

Calgary Public Library Announces Fine-Free Model

Photo by Mariah Wilson Since July 1, the Calgary Public Library has started a new fine-free model to provide barrier-free access to all of its 53,000 users. During this unprecedented time, it has become apparent how important it is for everyone to have access to learning materials, books, and educational opportunities at no cost. In an interview with The Chronicle Herald, chief executive officer Mark Asberg said, "We know for a fact that one of the things that keeps people from using the library is the fact they may incur fines. We don’t want there to be barriers to library usage." Asberg also mentioned that the group that will benefit most from the fine-free model is children. Before this,

What does Stage 2 of the Relaunch Strategy mean for you?

On June 12, the Alberta Government started Stage 2 of the Relaunch Strategy with mixed views from Albertans. On one hand, some people are happy to return to some level of normalcy but for many others there's still the worry of potentially being infected with COVID-19. The Relaunch Strategy is also not the easiest navigate or understand since new information is released everyday about what you can and can't do. Therefore, we wanted to make a clear and concise blog post that outlines what Stage 2 means for you. General guidelines to follow: Maintain 2 metres of physical distance between everyone outside of your family or the people you live with Wear a mask Limit the amount of time spent in cl

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