• Kraig Brachman

2022 FESA Family Events So Far

Throughout the year, the Further Education Society of Alberta (FESA) is holding a variety of family literacy events in Calgary that feature activities, story time, and songs to bond parent and child and introduce new skills for success. These programs are open to everyone, where we aim to create an open and welcoming environment that facilitates a positive learning experience. We can't wait to see you at our upcoming summer event; we will be announcing when this program is on our social media channels, so by liking and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can stay up to date and sign up!

So far for 2022, we have held two special events, one for Family Literacy Day and one for Family Day. Both were online sessions; the Family Literacy Day session was about the importance of nature and the outdoors in terms of helping to improve our physical and mental health. Our Family Day program was for younger children and aimed to teach parents how to connect better with their kids

We reached out to our facilitators that hosted each program to provide a bit of insight and how the program unfolded.

Del Edwards