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  • Jeff Bender

3 Online Resources for Students

During the winter months some days are better spent inside. Instead of your kids spending the day as a couch potato, you can use these online resources to make daily literacy activities fun for your kids.

This website offers a collection of books. There is a variety books with range of skill level and many functions within the website. This online platform can be accessed by most electronic devices that can connect with the internet. This is a fun platform to improve reading skills and is acceptable for a range of learners!

This is an online platform to improve math literacy skills and it is free to play! Essentially, it’s a MMO-RPG game designed around offering math questions for players to progress. It’s a fun and unique approach and specially targets your learning level to improve. Good luck and have fun!

This site offers great lessons and worksheets that cover a variety of subjects. Plus, they do offer some free material; however, there is an option to subscribe and receive their entire collection. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their literacy among a wide range of subjects.



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