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  • Mariah Wilson

3 Spring-themed Crafts for Kids

Crafts are a great way for kids to get creative and use their essentials skills to make a unique piece of art that can be treasured for years to come. In particular, kids can use their fine motor skills to cut paper, glue, trace shapes, and colour. We have found some easy-to-follow crafts to get your kids started on their imagination journey!


Family of Birds Paper Project

With all of the new baby birds out and about, it may be a good time for your kids to make their own paper birds at home! The video tutorial below goes through all of the supplies needed as well as how to cut, fold, and attach each part. Enjoy!


Ladybug Craft

For some, seeing ladybugs marks the arrival of spring. Now, you and your kids can make these delightful little creatures that can stay up in your home all year round!


Flower Painting Projects

If your kids prefer more sensory experiences where they can feel different textures and really get their hands mucky, then a painting project may be perfect for them. Watch below for some ideas!



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