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Highlighting the Heartwarming Moments from the FESA Mother's Day Celebration

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We held a special Mother's Day Celebration in collaboration with the Manchester Community Impact Centre and The City of Calgary Community Connectors on May 11th from 10:00 am to 12:00 PM at the Manchester Tower community space.

It was a beautiful day with sunshine and a breeze. When we arrived around 9:40 am, everyone had started decorating the room. Lovely music was playing to create a Happy Mother’s Day theme. Light snacks and drinks were ready, and roses and gifts donated from different community partners, including FESA’s literacy kits, were displayed. A table for arts and crafts and a play corner with books and toys were set up for children and moms.

Starting at 10:00 am, moms and children from the community started to arrive. They were warmly welcomed by everyone already in the room. All the moms already knew each other and were familiar with this community space, so they soon engaged in conversations about updates in their lives while enjoying snacks and drinks. The children moved around the space and played together under the supervision of volunteers. FESA facilitator Victoria managed to read some books and teach the children to sing songs and rhymes from 10:45 am to 11:15 am. Victoria also played with bubbles with the kids in the yard. FESA literacy kits were a hit with the children; some older kids couldn’t resist taking out the books to read immediately and the jump ropes to play in the yard!

Moms were encouraged to take photos behind a special cardboard event frame while holding red roses and their child(ren) with a volunteer professional photographer. It was a true highlight of the event. These photos will be sent to the moms individually as fond memories of this event.

The entire event was filled with joy, laughter, happy moms, happy kids, and heartwarming moments. It was a true celebration of Mother’s Day!


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