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Cooks with Stones Canada London 2023 in Pictures

We're back from London!

Our Cooks with Stones students, chefs, and mentors are back home after inspiring and delighting with their Indigenous menu and culinary skills in London, England.

The Cooks with Stones student's menu took centre stage at the Canada Day London celebrations. They served a menu of venison, wild rice, berries, and Chaga tea for the Canada Day Reception at Canada House under the mentorship of Chef Dean Herkert, owner of Toba Centric, operating as Bistro on Notre Dame. A venison shin poutine, created by the students and Chef Scott Iserhoff of Pei Pei Chei Ow, and inspired by the incorporation of potatoes in the First Nations’ diet was also served from a food truck during the Canada Day Festival in Trafalgar Square.

'It’s an honour for all of us to serve the guests of Canada House Indigenous cuisine rooted in traditional food sources. Our dishes showcase how the Indigenous Youth have applied traditional cooking methods in a modern context with authentic, delicious results!' - Chef Dean Herkert
‘It feels like a special opportunity to show everyone our skills. I’ve never been out of the country before. It seems like a great opportunity to show everyone our catering skills and what we can do in a different country.’ – William

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Indigenous Youth from the program to build their culinary skills, network and explore another culture. Over the coming weeks we’ll share stories from their trip and for today we have some amazing pictures, a few quotes and a big thank you to all our partners and sponsors that made this special opportunity happen.

'A new world of opportunities now awaits our Cooks with Stones learners, thanks to our donors and supporters. A very special thanks to corporate supporters, Dig Insights, Timko Developments Ltd and Air Canada.' - Elaine Cairns



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