• FESA Staff

Ela and Mithran Learner Story

We received another heartwarming message from another program participant. Ela and her son Mithran have been attending our programs for approximately 2 years. They now attend our Online Parent Child Mother Goose program facilitated by Beibei Lu. Ela wrote:

Hi Beibei.

We are happy to see you after a vacation. Wish you a happy new year. Hope you had a good time with family.

[Today] your new addition of rhymes was very nice. If possible, can you add Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to our session? Mithran likes that.

I can see more difference in Mithran like he started talking full sentences and he likes counting now [because] of [the] repetition of counting song he himself started counting things when we going in car too and, he started asking what colour is that? He just grasped from your book learning now if I read book for [him, he] asks me what colour?

Thank you Beibei for all your effort for making kids more easy learning. The only thing I worried is he don’t sit in front o