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FESA Going the Distance

Our national ‘Going the Distance’ project started on May 14, 2017, as an innovative, cultural and community response to the under-representation of Indigenous peoples employed in the Tourism and Hospitality industry across Canada. Recognizing that many times limited Skills for Success are a barrier to entry and advancement in the workforce, Indigenous communities and organizations, literacy and essential skill specialists and employers came together to create localized responses for their individual communities.

Five years later, the work, learning and successes of these journeys across Canada are brought together in an Indigenous Workplace Learning Framework and being given away to assist other Indigenous communities and employers to create their own response.

The Framework is an online resource with guidance, training, and practical tools to help Indigenous communities, organizations, and employers in the Tourism and Hospitality industry build better and inclusive workplaces.

In anticipation of the Framework’s launch later this year, we’re celebrating the unique, inspiring, and creative work of all the Indigenous communities, Indigenous Organizations, Elders, and Indigenous learners who built it. As well as the enthusiasm, gratitude, and generosity of our employer partners.

Here are just a few highlights from an amazing journey.

Celebration of Success at Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino:

Celebration of Success at Grey Eagle Resort and Casino:

Indigenous Workplace Learning Circles at Wesley ASETS with FESA facilitators Wyanne Smallboy-Wesley and Shawna Linklater:

Indigenous Asset Based Community Development Training at Saugeen First Nation with Coady International Institute, St.Francis Xavier University:

Cooks with Stones, Traditional Knowledge and Skills Camp with Chef Rich Francis and participants cooking with wild meat and ingredients in a fire oven pit:

Cooks with Stones participants on their three-week internship in Pursuit’s restaurant kitchens:

These are just a few snapshots of the past five years. Over the coming months we will continue to highlight and explore the many journeys, contributions, and partners of Going the Distance for the Framework launch.

The journey doesn’t end there either! Our Pathways project has started and builds on the work of Going the Distance, working with Indigenous communities, bridging organizations (those that provide job resource and skills training support) and employers to create opportunities for Indigenous Youth in the Tourism and Government Sectors.

If you’re interested in this project or have further questions, please contact Aimee Lo, Executive Assistant at FESA,

Funded by the Government of Canada through the Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program.


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