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Practice Reading and Writing Like a FESA Participant!

Minahil Kamran is a facilitator for the Further Education Society of Alberta. She works with learners at the WINS Dover Community Centre. Every week, Minahil works with our program participants who want to improve their reading, writing, and conversational English skills. We even introduced a few of them a couple of weeks ago in a different post.

These learners are from all walks of life, and their level of comfortability with English reading, writing, and speaking skills vary from beginners to very familiar, but wanting to improve. What all these learners have in common is the desire for improvement and the drive to put in the work.

One of the ways our learners improve is with exercises and practice. Below are a few examples of the worksheets used in the program to help and how these exercises are used

Exercise 1:

The Parts of Speech worksheet breaks down how an English sentence is constructed to its basic elements – like nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc. -- with included descriptions and examples. It can be used as a reference sheet, pick and choose from the examples and try to construct a sentence, or quiz yourself. Try working with a partner or a friend.

Parts of Speech Worksheet
Download PDF • 65KB

Exercise 2:

This practice sheet is best done with someone who can read the story out loud to you. Alternatively, you can read the story, but don’t cheat as the answers are at the bottom. The Main Ideas and Details work sheet is used to offer practice with comprehension, either listening or reading depending on the use.

Main Ideas and Details Worksheet - WINS
Download PDF • 41KB

Exercise 3:

The third exercise is a little more complicated. You need to read the A Colorful History story and then fill out each question. This exercise focuses on reading comprehension. The answers again are at the bottom of the sheet, don’t peek!

A Colorful History Story
Download PDF • 172KB

If any of these worksheets inspire you to learn more, we recommend signing up for one of our FREE Reading and Writing programs. They are open to all, and each program is held by a trained facilitator to help guide you on your literacy journey. Contact for more info and to sign up!



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