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  • Kraig Brachman

Supporting Children's Rights - FESA's World Children's Day Event

Every November 20th is World Children's Day. FESA has been holding a yearly day of recognition for this event for 4 years running. This year, we are worked with the Pathsalaschool through the Nepalese Community Society of Calgary; previously, we held our first day of recognition all the way back in 2019!

We held our most recent World Children's Day, an event on November 26th at the Genesis Centre, in partnership with the Nepalese Society of Calgary, where we conducted two separate sessions. One session was for younger children and one was for older children.

With both groups we will be discussing what their rights are and what rights children have. To keep them engaged will be having fun activities that get their bodies and minds working through icebreakers and crafts.

As it is also Financial Literacy month, we wanted to incorporate some of our programming from our Financial Literacy for the older learners—discussing things like needs vs. wants and saving money. We will also have drinks and snacks to keep up the energy!

FESA Facilitator Shawna Linklater shared with us her highlight from the event: “one of the participants wanted me to finish his dream catcher because he was having bad dreams and gave me a hug after it was finished”

At the end of the event, everyone left with a literacy kit filled with books and other essential learning materials, or a novel they can read at home.


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