• Kraig Brachman

Thank You Cards from Learners

During a recent Wednesday program held in partnership with the Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC), FESA Program Facilitator Beibei Lu was facilitating a special cultural event organized by the ISC staff member May. It’s a Chinese group and everyone was greeted in Chinese.

After the program, Beibei received this message and some accompanying images (translated from Chinese by Beibei):

Hello Beibei and May,

Please see the attachments for the thank you cards to Beibei that [were] created by my two daughters. My elder daughter, Chelsea cannot stay entire session time because she needs to attend her online school for Grade 1 students. My younger daughter, Charlotte really likes this virtual rhyme class. Thanks to Beibei and May for organizing this wonderful program!

Charlotte is about 3 years old, and Chelsea is 6 years old. Charlotte and Chelsea’s mom Alice wrote the email for the girls.