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Practicum to Summer Student - Thomas' Journey

We first met Thomas when he joined FESA as a practicum student; he was completing his Social Work Diploma. Thomas impressed us with his warmth and dedication to the work. He returned as a summer student the following year as the Education Assistant. Thomas' journey was an enjoyable period for the whole organization, and we wanted to share it with everyone.

"During my time at FESA I was given the opportunity to facilitate and co-facilitate a roster of programs. To name a few: the Children’s Reading and Writing Circle, the Spring Activity Events, Parenting Skills, Financial Literacy, and Youth Healthy Relationships. I learned a lot.

I think, most notably, it would be the ability to work with diverse groups. Because FESA serves people from different backgrounds whether it be literacy level, ethnicity, age, or gender, being able to work with different people broadened my horizon and perspective. I’ve also learned of the importance of literacy as it sets the foundation for life. I think one of the biggest highlights was being able to work with different partner organizations.

Despite the different populations that these partner organizations would serve, the underlying themes that unite everyone was literacy. It was interesting to see how the idea of literacy could be applied in so many cases like financial literacy, emotional literacy, anger management literacy, and etc.

Another highlight would be being able to contribute meaningfully to the lives of the people FESA serves. Something so small like reading a book together could have long-lasting effects. One thing I’m taking away after my time at FESA would be the importance of listening. Although many programs, workshops and sessions are delivered in a presentation way, when a piece is incorporated to listen to others, it changes the dynamics. More specifically, people are more inclined to participate and be active when they are being heard. I think this is a really important thing I can take away. "

Thomas stepped away from FESA to pursue further opportunities, but his impact and contributions will be remembered. Thank you for your hard work, Thomas! Good luck with your future endeavours.


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